Shipyard ~ Interior

Shipyard ~ Interior

Clean Yachts provides professional interior cleaning services for boats and yachts.

Clean Yachts uses professional products which are specifically suited to the surfaces being treated. These sanitising, sterilising and disinfectant products have a broad scope of antibacterial action.


All of this results in a highly professional, impeccable clean.



Exceptional Interior Cleaning




Complete vacuuming of rooms, carpets and mattresses


Chrome and steel polishing

Complete degreasing and sanitisation of the kitchen

Complete sanitisation services









Ceilings and walls

Cabinets and drawers

Storage lockers (beds and sofas)

Laundry areas

Pantry areas

Bridge area

Floor surfaces

Bilge cleaning and disinfecting

 When performing the sanitising and disinfecting service, once the surface (environment) has been exceptionally cleaned with special products, professional products are used which have a broad scope of targeted bactericidal action.

Using disinfectant detergents which are duly registered with the Ministry of Health as Medical Surgical Devices and compliant with HACCP standards is vital for guaranteeing safety and a high level of hygiene.


Special Treatments for Interiors




Stain removal

- Sky, leather, fabric
- Coatings, walls and ceilings
- Sofas and seats

Waxing of surfaces and wooden furniture fittings


Washing and sanitising on-board carpets



The washing and sanitising process for on-board carpets uses professional dual suction machines.
For sanitising we use special environmentally friendly sterilisation products in full alignment with our green policy.


Cleaning on-board carpets begins with carefully identifying the stains, which are then treated with special anti-stain processes.

At the end of the stain removal operations we completely wash the carpet and then perform the sanitisation procedure.

Once sanitisation is complete, we move to detailing the carpet, paying careful attention to the smallest finishing touches.



Chrome and steel polishing




Tap fittings

Light points

Small metal parts




Laundry service


Clean Yachts provides a professional laundry service for all types of fabrics on board the boat.

The laundry service is inclusive of stripping and refitting.


Complete degreasing and sanitising the kitchen



Cold rooms and freezers


Ovens and microwaves





Complete sanitising services




Anti-limescale treatment

Bathroom fixtures

Shower enclosures




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